A New Inspection Model by Means of Electronic Self-Control Questionnaires

Dear customers, It is useful to know that the Executive Agency “General Labour Inspectorate” (EA GLI) is developing a new inspection model by means of electronic self-control questionnaires, which will give employers the opportunity to self-evaluate their compliance with the statutory requirements and to eliminate in due time the “inconsistencies”, if present.


What do you need to know if you have employees who are parents to children visiting childcare facilities and schools in the situation of COVID-19?

Dear employers, Since most of you have employees who are parents to children visiting childcare facilities and schools in the current situation of COVID-19, you should know the answers to the following questions: One of my colleagues at work has COVID-19. Should I isolate myself and stop my child from going to the day nursery/kindergarten/school? Should I inform the school/the kindergarten/the day nursery? Should I undergo PCR testing?


What not to forget in September 2020

Dear customers, we would like to inform you that during the month of September 2020 you need to: check the performance of hand-held power tools in the organization, in which hand-held power tools are handled by a person with a minimum III qualification group on electrical safety.


Risk Assessment and Measurements in Teleworking or Working from Home

Dear customers, If you have chosen to make teleworking or working from home a practice in your business for your employees, you should take into account the following: The legal and natural persons, employing independently their workers, shall ensure healthy and safe conditions at work for them in all cases related to such work.


COVID-19 Coming Back to the Working Place – Guidelines.

Dear customers, If your working place was closed/restricted for a certain period of time due to reasons related to COVID-19, you can make a plan to restart work, which should be in conformity with the health and safety requirements. In making such a plan, you should take into consideration the following:


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