Medical center Lozemed

Lozemed Medical Center offers pre-hospital medical care in 7 different areas of medicine.

Our doctors with many years of experience and established practice work with new and modern medical equipment for diagnosis and treatment of various diseases.
Traditional and alternative methods of treatment are used.
Our aim is to provide medical services of excellent quality with a personal attitude to each patient who turns to us for help.

Prophylactic examinations:

  • According to Art. 287 of the Labor Code, all employees are subject to mandatory medical examinations, which are at the expense of the employer. The fulfillment of this obligation is controlled by the Executive Agency "General Labor Inspectorate".

  • We have qualified specialists to indicate the type of examinations and tests of employees depending on the nature of the work performed, the age of the employee, risk assessment and the requirements of Ordinance № 3 / 27.02.1987 on mandatory preliminary and periodic medical examinations. .

  • Carrying out quality and thorough preventive examinations and tests by specialists who also have a specialty "Occupational Diseases";

  • Carrying out preventive examinations and tests, both in the medical center and on the spot in the serviced company;

  • Follow-up assistance, clarification of diagnosis and treatment of a health problem during preventive examinations.