Measures to prevent the risk of spread of COVID-19

Dear customers, By Ordinance № РД 01-219 of 02 April 2020, the Minister of labour and social policy Denitsa Sacheva ordered that until the lifting of the state of emergency, the employers must implement measures to prevent the risk of spread of COVID-19 in accordance with the type and nature of their business activities and to ensure adequate working conditions including at least:


Preparation of workplace for the COVID-19

Dear customers, Due to the COVID-19 epidemic state, Occupational Health Service HEALTH&SAFETY recommends the following precautions for prevention the spread of the virus in your work environment. These precautions do not involve any significant expenses and will help in preventing the spread of any infections in your work environment and protect your customers, partners and employees. Employers must initiate these procedures immediately even if the COVID-19 is not confirmed for the communities they operate in.


Submitting a declaration on Article 15 of the HSWA in 2020

Dear customers, By 30 April 2020, all legal and natural persons who are self-employed, legal and natural persons who use workers provided by an undertaking providing temporary work, as well as persons who, for their own account, work in partnership with others and have changed the circumstances subject to declaration


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