How can we save a colleague's life?

With a view to preventing any harmful consequences in case of extraordinary events and considering the business specificity and size of companies, in pursuance of Article 20(1) of the Occupational Health and Safety Act, employers:

  1. 1. ensure the organization of activities aimed at eliminating threats, providing first aid, securing fire safety and the conditions requisite for the evacuation of workers and employees, and are also in charge of contacting the medical emergency services and firefighting and civil protection units;
  2. 2. designate the workers and employees who shall be in charge of implementing the measures aimed at eliminating threats, providing first aid, firefighting, and evacuation of workers and employees, whereby the number thereof and the training and equipment provided thereto to that end shall be in line with the specific risks and size of the company.


Based on the foregoing, employers shall organize training/s in line with first-aid rules. Persons from different units/departments of the company shall be involved in such trainings.


First-aid is a combination of simple, yet sufficiently relevant and efficient measures aimed at preserving the life of injured persons and preventing the development of any further risks to their health.


First-aid shall be provided by workers and employees, a colleague/s who is/are nearest to you.


These rules are intended for the training of workers and employees in providing first-aid in case of injuries during work, depending on the specific risks to health.


There is only one benefit that the company and the team shall gain – they may save someone’s life with simple, yet effective measures.


As for the organization and conduct of training in line with first-aid rules, you can count on the HEALTH&SAFETY Occupational Health Service. Learn more about our services at

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