Mandatory staff health checks - when the law helps us be better managers

Taking care of our staff, retaining our skilled workforce, protecting everyone's health - these are the key priorities of managers in the current Covid situation. 

The last year closure in many sectors had a detrimental effect, especially on the workforce, which left because of the lack of security and prospects for development. There were also quite a few people who refused to go to work in their offices or production workshops because of their health concerns. 

Employee expectations

Many studies, such as IBM's, demonstrate the shift in people's attitudes towards their work. It is no longer the financial bonus and career promotions that goes first, but the work-life balance and the care for the employee's wellbeing provided their employer. 

In other words, skilled employees expect their employers to be more concerned about their health - both mental and physical. 

How the Law can help

In Bulgarian legislation, the health care of employees has long been regulated by law, which details the examinations and tests for the different economic areas. This is more precisely reflected in Article 287(2) of the Labour Code.

For each profession, the legislator has defined a set of examinations related to the characteristics of the profession. 

За всяка професия законодателят е определил комплект изследвания, свързани с особеностите на професията. 

The tests include urinalysis, complete blood count, electrocardiogram, eye examination, examination by an internal medicine specialist, neurologist, screening for various cancers (breast, prostate, etc.)

Through these few but important tests, your employees will get an overall picture of their current health status without having to pay for it or having to "play hooky” from work to get screened. 

How the company benefits from preventive examinations of its staff

Thanks to the organized preventive examinations of the team, managers will be reassured that the work process will not suffer losses because of sick employees or those with reduced working capacity due to ill health. 

It will improve team satisfaction and motivation to give their best for the company that does not skimp on health care. 

At HEALTH&SAFETY Occupational Health, we will explain how to organise preventive check-ups in the best way - we have been helping managers take care of their employees' health for 13 years.

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